A warm embrace.

What are you GROWIN’?

Gardens in the darndest of places

A morning of planting…

GIAC written up in S.W.I.M. Coalition Blog

S.W.I.M. (aka Stormwater Infrastructure Matters) gave Garden-in-a-Cup a nice little write up today on their blog. S.W.I.M. is a coalition dedicated to ensuring swimmable waters around NYC – challenging our perception of stormwater to be viewed as resource rather than waste. Just from my first few months living in this city, it is hard not to notice the inundated sewers and gushing drainage pipes after a big storm event. Contrary to Denver, it actually rains here! And even though we are having a “dry” summer, everything is relative. In 2011 (according to NOAA), New York City received 72.81 inches of precipitation. How can we capture rain water on our rooftops, streets, sidewalks and open space to help minimize runoff? I grow my cup gardens in trays on the roof now where they are able to capture the rainwater that would otherwise go right off and into the sewer. Every little bit counts…. Thanks S.W.I.M.!!!

Garden in a Cup taking over the concrete jungle!

A second life for Metro Cards!


Garden in a Cup @ the Arsenal – Central Park

Interesting article on our own personal trash accumulation and when forced to deal with it – how to get creative.



Garden-in-a-Cup – NYC has been launched in New York City! After moving cross-country, finding new coffee shops, and making new friends, it is now time to begin cultivating our network of garden enthusiasts in the NYC area. We can’t wait for you to meet Garden-in-a-Cup! Remember – Finders, keepers! All we ask is that you pay it forward, whether that be contributing to our website, updating our Map Database, or simply just taking care of your new cup garden (easier said than done for us city dwellers). But most of all, we’d love to hear from you! Your feedback is our greatest asset.